As specialists in quality thermoformed dental appliances it is easy for us to identify biteguards as our best-selling product. This isn't surprising given that 8 - 10% of the population experience bruxism. 
What precentage of your product sales do biteguards account for? 
One of the challenges for dentists is that patients may be bruxing before the dentist is able to see signs of bruxism on the teeth. It is far more usual for a patient to talk to a doctor about symptoms they are experiencing, such as poor sleep, stress, headaches etc, than discussing these with their dentist. 
Statistics that help highlight the significance of bruxism include: 
80% of the adult population are experiencing stress regularly 
70% of bruxism occurs as a result of stress or anxiety 
bruxism is the third most common sleep disorder 
Figures like these demonstrate that an increasing number of patients could benefit from using an occlusal splint. The forces generated during bruxism can be as much as six times the maximal force generated by normal chewing, so patients who brux need to be identified and treated as soon as possible. 
It can be a win-win solution for you and your patient if during your welcoming chat you ask them if they are experiencing symptoms such as: headaches, jawache, earache, poor sleep or daytime fatigue, as this can open up a conversation about the possible benefits of a bitegaurd in decreasing the frequency of bruxism. 
Another way to promote awareness of the benefits of a bite splint is to have some literature in your waiting rooms. Please let us know if we can help you in this area. 
If you want to go further than helping patients to control theri symptoms you could ahve information on possbile cures, including: 
changing lifestyle choices, such as smoking, alcohol, caffeine 
good sleep habits, such as breathing techniques, no blue screen time 1-2 hours before bed 
acessing therapy to reduce stress levels 
Wishing you a successful 2020 and an increase in biteguard sales! 
If you want any further information on our range of occlusal splints take a look at our website or don't hesitate to contact us. 
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