Ultralight manufacture a range of anti-snoring/sleep apnoea mandibular advancement devices. 
Proven success rates; comfortable to wear; and easy to prescribe.  
A cost effective solution to snoring and sleep apnoea.  
How does a Mandibular Advancement Device work? 
During sleep, the muscles of the upper airway relax and the normally firm tissues become loose, resulting in the formation of bottleneck type structures which cause complete or partial obstruction of the airways. 
This increases the velocity of air which causes vibration of the soft tissues which generate the noise of snoring. 
Mandibular Advancement Devices are an oral appliance that reposition the lower jaw to keep the airway open. They are worn at night like a mouth guard. 
Allowing movement of the lower jaw makes them comfortable for the patient. 
Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) is recommended for severe sleep apnoea and is the gold standard. However, compliance can be problematic, so oral appliances can also be considered in these circumstances. 
Consists of one transparent splint for the upper jaw and one for the lower jaw. 
The lower jaw is either held in a predetermined position or advanced by 2 connectors that are fixed latrally to the splint. The silensor-sl thus counteratcs the narrowing of the respiratory tracts. 
Silensor anti-snore mandibular advancement appliance
Leone Telescopic and Leone Forward devices posture the lower jaw forward, open up the throat and restore the air flow. 
The Telescopic features a telescopic arm which attaches the upper and lower appliance together. 
Leone Telescopic Advancer anti-snore and sleep apnoea mandibular advancement appliance
MSi is compact to wear and allows lateral movement 
Upper and lower inserted independently giving maximum comfort 
Top quality at excellent value 
Scheu Tap T anti-snore mandibular advancement appliance
The Forward upper appliance features an adjustable screw which applies pressure against the dorsal fin on the lower appliance. 
Scheu Tap-T 
Upper and lower inserted independently giving maximum comfort 
High quality German components 
Benefits and support for the professional dental practitioner:  
Grow your business  
In-practice marketing available; including posters, leaflets and video 
Support package including step by step protocols and patient questionnaire 
Benefits for the patient: 
Easy to clean 
Quick adjustment period 
To prescribe an anti-snore/sleep apnoea product simply send us an upper and lower alginate impression with bite registration. The appliance will be back with you in a week. 
Daytime effects of snoring include: 
Daytime sleepinessDaytimes leepiness 
Strained relationshipsRelationship 
Tension; irritability 
Concentration difficulties 
Sore throat 
We can help you solve your patients snoring problem. 
Our devices have proven highly successful, even when breathing through the nose is difficult or blocked, since in almost all cases the noise involved in snoring is caused by constriction of the airways. 
Mandibular advancment devices provide a simple, effective and affordable solution to snoring. 
As a dental practitoner you can play a vital role in helping people identify their snoring and sleep issues. 
The effectiveness of anti-snore/sleep apnoea mandibular advancement devices 
Most patients become used to and comfortable with their new appliance within a week.  
Compliance rates are significantly higher than with CPAP.  
With regular use the majority of appliance users see significant improvements in their snoring and sleep apnoea symptoms. 
To find out more about our anti-snore/sleep apnoea devices and to discuss which is the most suitable for your patient,call us now on 01937 588 868 or use the link below 
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