Supplying your patients with a bite guard is a fantastic and simple way to alleviate many common ailments caused by teeth grinding and jaw clenching. 
Do any of your patients suffer from facial pain, headaches, ear ache, sleep disruption and daytime fatigue? 
If so, they could be suffering from bruxism. Our bight guards can stop the problem in its tracks before more serious effects, such as excessive tooth wear and tooth fractures occur. 
Bruxism and all the symptoms associated with it such as: 
Short term effects: 
Facial Pain 
Head Aches 
Ear Ache 
Sleep Disruption 
Daytime Fatigue 
Long term effects: 
Temporomandibular Joint Problems 
Excessive Tooth Wear 
Tooth Fracture 
These are all common complaints effecting many people. 
Fortunately, Ultralight has an easy and cost effective solution for this condition. 
By prescribing one of our range of four bite guards, the patients requirements can be quickly and easily suited. These can be made to fit over the upper or lower teeth. 
By supplying us with an impression of the opposing arch, we can balance the occlusion of the bite guards for you in the lab, giving you a great saving of your very valuable surgery time. 
We have four different bite guards to choose from 
Choose from a range of 4 different bite guards. They are an easy and cost effective solution to bruxism that are made to fit over the upper or lower teeth, in our dental laboratory in Wetherby. From soft night guards to those made of harder stuff: 


A soft splint which helps to reduce damage to teeth caused by nocturnal grinding. 


A more rigid and harder wearing, but still flexible guard. 


A hard outer with a soft fitting surface for extra comfort. 


A very hard, ridged night guard for those patients with a very heavy bite. 
soft biteguard, soft occlusal splint
Soft bite guard 
hard/soft biteguard, dual laminate occlusal splint
Hard bite guard 
Call a halt to bruxism with our range of night guards. 
Call 01937 588 868 to order or use the link below 
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