Ultralight have developed a production method, whereby our splints have a pressure formed substructure, which gives an incredible level of fit and retention.  
This is then overlaid with clear acrylic, allowing us to create an interference free, balanced occlusion. Over the years we have been making occlusal splints, this is by far the most accurate and reliable method we have used. 
Causes of lower jaw malfunction include: 
Oral habits 
Naturally occurring malocclusion 
Psychological stress 
Bruxing (grinding teeth) etc 
Types and designs of occlusal splints 
Ultralight provide splints and appliances used to alleviate the symptoms of TMJ dysfunction. There are various designs and applications of occlusal splints. Two basic types include: 
B Splint, deprogrammer
Michigan splint
There are three basic designs of splints including: 
Anterior midpoint contact permissive splint 
Full contact permissive splin 
Anterior repositioning directive splint 
Splints we offer include: 
Michigan splint (Upper arch) 
Tanner splint (Lower arch) 
Full contact splint with anterior guidance 
B-splint with lower anterior runner bar 
Anterior repositioning splint 
Call our dental lab in Wetherby for top quality occlusal splints on 01937 588 868 to order or use the link below 
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