Over 40% of the adult population snore, so make sure you are part of this national initiative. 
The awareness week runs at the end of April, and you can support and reinforce the messages that your clients will be hearing on the national news media with leaflets and posters in your surgery as well as increasing your understanding of the causes and treatments available. 
Key messages include: 
• Take away the stigma by sharing statistics so clients realise how common snoring is 
• Debunk the myths of who snores and why 
• The impact of snoring on both the individual’s health and that of the sleep partner 
• The noise level that starts to have an effect on sleep is around 40dB. The noise of snoring can range from 
about 50dB to 100+dB 
• Use of snore apps or snore tests to see what type/level of snorer you are 
If you would like some DL and/orA5 leaflets to put in your surgery for clients to read, please contact us
We also provide flyers for dentists covering our wide range of mandibular advancement devices and fitting instructions.  
Our specialists are always happy to have a phone conversation with a dentist or practice manager who is unsure which appliance to prescribe. 
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