As a dentist in the UK, one of your good news stories is that you have a great range of dental laboratories to choose from 
Sports mouthguard
Some practices have chosen to take their lab work in-house and have their own technicians. However, in the UK most dental practices remain relatively small and are unlikely to do this, so how do you go about choosing a dental laboratory? 
If you opt for a larger dental laboratory you are likely to source slightly cheaper products due to the economies of scale that smaller labs can’t match. Clearly cost is important, but in my discussions with dentists the quality of the product is equally as important, after all a happy customer is good for your continuing business. 
The product range available is worth noting, as not all your customers require the exact same type of splint or mandibular advancement device. In 2020 why not try expanding the products you offer as customers are becoming ever more discerning about what is available? 
Sports mouthguard
Bleaching Trays
Occlusal splint
Anti snore appliances
Check out which production methodologies are used. Investing in new technology has allowed many laboratories to enhance product quality, and digital scanning cuts out postage time and thereby giving an even quicker service. At Ultralight, we are proud that we have invested in digital scanning technology as well as using the superior pressure forming (rather than vacuum formed) for our thermoformed appliances. 
A dental lab that offers flexibility by producing products to dentist’s particular specifications, is definitely something to check out. Having chats with our dentists and seeing how they all have slightly different ways of doing things certainly adds interest and job satisfaction to us as technicians! 
If in 2020 you are looking for high quality and cost-effective products, with a flexible and efficient service why not use one of our Intro offers (25-50% off) to see how we match up? 
Wishing you all a Happy 2020. 
Giles Bradley, Dental Laboratory Owner 
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